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We are Revolutionize Records, a record label dedicated to opening up the music industry for small amateur artists that want their music heard. We have a variety of different social, publishing and promoting tools to help our artists become successful and get them out there for viewers to experience their music. As producers ourselves, we understand the struggles and the hardship that new producers go through when they start off and we thought that this label would be a perfect way to allow new musicians to flourish. Simply apply on the join page and learn what else you can do in the community. Once you are a registered artist, you may submit tracks through the release page and these tracks will then be distributed should they be approved by our team. Apply now and get the push you need to kick-start your career.






  • Connections to many other artists
  • Easy to use release interface
  • Releases on beatport/iTunes/Soundcloud
  • Release to a 800+ audience
  • 1 on 1 support from our team