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As a company that are dedicated to creating an easy environment for all producers and EDM musicians, we offer many services to producers. Fill in the form on the right to join the label. Songs sent through the dropbox or through soundcloud messages will be ignored. if you wish to send us a song for release, please send it through the track submissions page. A password for this page will be sent to you if you are accepted. Read below for a list of different privileges that you get. The idea behind our label is that you only have to focus on what you love doing, and we do the rest for you. We try to create a comfortable environment for you to work in.


  • Get an album cover made for them free of charge
  • Featured on our soundcloud and other social networks
  • Hassle-free experience
  • Songs available to be sold on beatport
  • Direct connections with other artists from the label

For easier contact. You will be added to the Revolutionize Records skype group.
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